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Growing up in the heart of Vermont, immersed in the traditions and beauty of the local farming community, we always dreamed of having our own farm. Growing vegetables and raising animals had their appeal, but once we experienced the joy of growing and giving flowers, we were convinced that a flower farm was the way to go.
We quickly learned that when flowers bloom smiles attune. A bouquet of flowers seemed to bring us and our love ones a sense of peace and perspective, a touch of warmth and affection. After looking for a property to start our flower growing endeavours, we landed in Moretown and couldn’t be happier with our location.
Now in the heart of Vermont, we are motivated and thrilled to be providing a splash of color to the Green Mountain State. Whether the colorful splash of flowers uplifts a neighbors family dinner or envelopes the dream wedding of a young couple, spreading flowers, and the smiles that they bring, is the heart of our mission.

7166 VT 100 B
Moretown, Vermont
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